Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Celebrating Our 2 Year-Old

We are so lucky to have the most supportive, loving family. When the weekend of Jimmy's birthday rolled around I threw together a last minute simple little party and invited Jimmy's favorite people. It was a day filled with lots of family, balloons, chips & pizza, cake & ice cream, pop, toys, wrapping paper and lots of love for our little boy. He now has more toys than he knows what to do with, but he sure is enjoying them.

After his bath he had fun running around wearing his puppy towel like it's a superhero cape.

The morning of his party I had myself a nice to-do list... I have a terrible habit of saving everything for the last minute, so to-do lists and large cups of coffee got me organized and on the ball.

 Speaking of "on the ball," the night before I had decorated his cake. Jimmy loves base ball, and I had this brilliant idea to braid twizzlers and make a round cake look like a base ball. I woke up the next morning to this:

Sad, right? If I had saved myself more time I might have cried over it. But I very tediously tried to remedy it and if you don't look too closely at the smudged and patchy looking frosting it does somewhat resemble the baseball I had envisioned.

The important thing is that it tasted good.

Had to pause for a quick little squeeze before the fun began. Poor child had to be working on his two-year molars on his special day. But he didn't let them ruin it for him.

 I'm not sure what I love more about this photo... The natural way he held his new toy rifle, or the proud smile of his daddy in the back ground. He is his father's son.

Monday, October 29, 2012

James Teagon | 2 Years Old!


Dear Jimmy,

I was looking at pictures today of that moment we met. I know you don't remember that event, but I will never forget it. To me it's still like it all happened this morning. I have never experienced something that emotional, that surreal... that amazing! Getting you here went nothing like I expected it to, and so much easier. I held you close to me for as long as I could. You were more beautiful and perfect than I had imagined. I loved feeling your little breaths on my chest. You were the sweetest thing in the world and I could not get over the awe of you being mine. 

And then I blinked. And here you are, two years old! How in the world did your magical little self do that? You still are the sweetest little thing. 

When it's bedtime and you give out your goodnight hugs and kisses, it is always with lots of giggles and making sure that you kiss both cheeks of your mommy and daddy and whom ever else happens to be at our house at the time. You used to be content to just sleep with your puppy from Tabby, but now you hug your red Clifford puppy from Tia too. It makes me smile when I put you and your armload of puppies to bed because you are just. that. CUTE!

Your latest favorite entertainment is Toy Story, or "Buzz" as you call it. You would watch that movie over and over and over if we would let you. You have a pair of Toy Story pajamas and a pair of Toy Story cowboy boots. It makes you think you are the luckiest and coolest boy in the world, and maybe you are.

The other night you apparently had a few too many ounces in the way of liquids before going to bed in your Toy Story pajamas. The next morning when I went to get you up, I found you standing in your crib waiting for me with a sad look on your face. "Oh no, Mom," you told me, "I peed on Buzz. I peed on Buzz, Mom!

The way you melt my heart the most is when you talk to your baby brother. You like to poke my tummy and say "Hi, Baby!" And when you're done, you pull my shirt back down and say, "Ni-nigh, Baby. Ni-nigh." I have the bassinet set up and I have found you reaching in it, gently patting the mattress and pretending the baby is sleeping in there. 

Another time you discovered a box of baby clothes I had just sorted through. You were trying to put them on and making a big mess. "Jimmy!" I exclaimed,"Those are for the baby! See?" and I held one up over my tummy to show you how tiny it is. "This is for the tiny baby, he's going to go ni-night in them!" I put everything away and went back to what I was doing. You came out with a soft sleeper all wadded up in your arms, patting it and swaying your body gently saying, "Shhhhh, Baby. Ni-nigh." I sure can't wait for you two to meet. I can't imagine a nicer big brother for your baby. 

 And of course your protective adoration for your little cousin Kailyn is absolutely adorable. When she comes over to play, you constantly bring her toys and give her hugs. You two love each other so much I just know you will always have a special big-brother/little-sister relationship. 

Winston remains your ever-constant companion. You are forever sitting on him, laying on him and managing to find a little spot to snuggle up next to him and he loves every minute of it. You two would share everything if we would let you. At meal times I constantly catch you tearing off bites and slipping them to Winston. I recently watched you sitting on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and Winston sitting on the floor in front of you begging. You were holding out a kernel of popcorn to him and in in a very grown-up tone you were saying, "Whassis, Sinsin?" You paused, waiting for a response, and then very articulately explained, "Iss Ca-pown" as you put it in his mouth. 

Some of your other more-recent accomplishments, likes and discoveries include 
  • The Donut Man... You would watch that all day except for it drives mommy and daddy nuts. 
  • Refusing to call Tabby anything but "Cong cong" (your name for Auntie 'Courtney') because it gets a reaction out of her. 
  • Being able to reach light switches. You tried for weeks, standing on your tippiest of tippy toes to reach them so you could make them go "Up", and one day you finally reached it. Now you can put them both up and down. I'm pretty sure we're going to notice some changes in our electric bill as a result. 
  • Noticing the moon in a clear night sky, and exclaiming in wonder, "Whassat? Whassat, Mom?" 
  • Your favorite food is fruit of all kinds. You act like it's candy, which is a good thing.  
  • The alphabet. It's so cute how you think the ABC song is actually a song about "Kai-kai" (Kailyn) and when you sing it it goes "K-K-K" For some reason, the only two letters you consistently recognize in the alphabet are "K" and "Y". 

You have made parenthood so much more fun and interesting than I ever expected it to be. We love you so much it literally makes our insides hurt sometimes! You sure are a great kid and I can't wait to be a part of more of your discoveries and adventures in your adorable life.

I love you, my sweet little Man!