Thursday, October 17, 2013

Josh & Mahrian | Two is Better Than One

This gorgeous country wedding, situated in my own small home town, was SO COOL. I loved being a part of this special day in their lives. Sweetest two people in the world, even going out of their way to make their hired professionals feel like part of the family. So grateful to get to witness their lives becoming one. They have what it takes to make the rest of forever last. 

Congratulations, Josh & Mahrian!!! 

Enjoy this little preview of their lovely day... There will be more on the Brittney Hobein Photography facebook page once the rest are closer to completion.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Jesse & Ashlee | All Because Two People Fell in Love

I would like to introduce you to the cutest family ever. So much love. So much ador-ability. So much sweetness. Their lives have touched mine in ways I would have never expected. Last time I took their family pictures there were five of them. But now, little Addyson runs all over heaven with her little pink paint brush and colors the skies to give the rest of us just a glimpse of how perfect and beautiful heaven is. Jesse and Ashlee and their twins are testaments that joy does come in the morning and that love can triumph over the deepest heartaches we face.  

The Little Box Car Chilren. Ha!

 Gone... But never forgotten. You're so, so loved, Baby Girl.  

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Real Enough to Me That I can Be Real With Him

I was standing there in my kitchen, fixing supper, and feeling defeated. Troubled about the world my kids are growing up in. Watching it go to... well to heck, essentially, in a hand basket. So there I was, talking to my Jesus about it all. He's a good listener, after all. And as I let my troubles and fears roll off my heart right there, I realized I was using words I don't normally use, to describe things and situations that were causing my heart to fear. 

Words considered expletives. Cuss words.

Words that would have to be bleeped off of a PG-13 TV show. 

Words that described how I felt. 

Yep. Me. Taking a potty mouth to the Heavenly Man upstairs.

Him and me having a virtual coffee date of the heart while I chopped up carrots. Except there was no coffee. And except there was language you don't normally hear at a Starbucks. I was all out of eloquence. And I realized right then and there that my Jesus is real enough to me that I can be real with Him. And with everything that's wrong with the world my kids live in, they will always have that Man. And that's really all that one needs.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Alyssa | Senior

Sheesh. I love seniors!! So easy, so cooperative. Usually. Certainly this time! This shoot was so much fun! Everybody loves a pretty face and goll! my camera fell head over heels with this lovely girl. She's a real sweetheart and I love that I had the honor of capturing this exciting time in her life.