Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Real Enough to Me That I can Be Real With Him

I was standing there in my kitchen, fixing supper, and feeling defeated. Troubled about the world my kids are growing up in. Watching it go to... well to heck, essentially, in a hand basket. So there I was, talking to my Jesus about it all. He's a good listener, after all. And as I let my troubles and fears roll off my heart right there, I realized I was using words I don't normally use, to describe things and situations that were causing my heart to fear. 

Words considered expletives. Cuss words.

Words that would have to be bleeped off of a PG-13 TV show. 

Words that described how I felt. 

Yep. Me. Taking a potty mouth to the Heavenly Man upstairs.

Him and me having a virtual coffee date of the heart while I chopped up carrots. Except there was no coffee. And except there was language you don't normally hear at a Starbucks. I was all out of eloquence. And I realized right then and there that my Jesus is real enough to me that I can be real with Him. And with everything that's wrong with the world my kids live in, they will always have that Man. And that's really all that one needs.

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  1. So, I wandered over to your blog after you commented on mine. Haven't been here for a while. I tread this post and have to say I totally know the feelings of helplessness that can be there when you get hit in the face again and again, realizing where the world is headed--to hell in a hand basket as you put it. Then I come to the same conclusion you did. God will be there for my kids just as He is for me. Psalm 100:5 hit me over the head one day--and I've had more peace since. God is good...His mercy...His truth, to ALL generations.


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