Sunday, June 30, 2013

Colton Samuel | 5 Months

::  Holds his arms out when he wants to be held
::  Continues to develop quite the strong personality and a huge sense of determination
::  While exclusively breastfed, every once in awhile he gets a chance to bottle feed himself
::  Went on his first road trip... Over 500 miles allll the way to Nebraska
::  Seems to enjoy tummy time and is so strong!!
::  Swings his arms constantly. He hits and punches everything, especially the people and things he loves
::  Rubs his feet together when bored
::  Prefers sucking his toes over thumbs or fingers
::  Has developed stranger anxiety... At first. But give him a minute and he will love you with all his squeals and fat, dimply cheeks
::  Has very strong opinions
::  Giggles so hard when other kids are rambunctious
::  Weighs all of 21 pounds

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Just Because

Just because it was a really beautiful day,
Just because it was recently discovered that the 4 1/2 month-old weighs a solid 20 pounds,
Just because the toddler bro-man was napping,
Just because the infant one was not,
Just because the lighting, weather and atmospheric conditions were optimal,
Just because the camera was handy,
Just because he needs to know that if he doesn't let mama get her work done, he will be subjected to things like photoshoots and stuff,
Just because he's cute and irresistible and has tootsie wootsies.