Sunday, June 30, 2013

Colton Samuel | 5 Months

::  Holds his arms out when he wants to be held
::  Continues to develop quite the strong personality and a huge sense of determination
::  While exclusively breastfed, every once in awhile he gets a chance to bottle feed himself
::  Went on his first road trip... Over 500 miles allll the way to Nebraska
::  Seems to enjoy tummy time and is so strong!!
::  Swings his arms constantly. He hits and punches everything, especially the people and things he loves
::  Rubs his feet together when bored
::  Prefers sucking his toes over thumbs or fingers
::  Has developed stranger anxiety... At first. But give him a minute and he will love you with all his squeals and fat, dimply cheeks
::  Has very strong opinions
::  Giggles so hard when other kids are rambunctious
::  Weighs all of 21 pounds

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