Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Have You Ever Seen a Maple Leaf Blossom?

 Sometimes it's the little things, literally, the little things, that take my breath away. The things that are normal and mundane and not normally noticed, that when I take the time to see them unfold, I realize that maybe I hadn't possibly really lived until that moment. The intricate details, the tiny little features. Fragile, delicate, small, yet somehow so fiercely strong. Something so seemingly worthless that speaks of design and purpose. If a Father in heaven can so clothe every tree in the forest each and every year, how much more does He care for us?

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Lyric & Ari

Sometimes it takes a little time behind the camera to get me back on my breathable islands; where crazy life and schedules are shoved aside to find space to take deep breaths and soak in the lovely parts of life that tend to get so easily brushed under the taken for granted rug when you forget to take the time to appreciate them. I need to see and admire the beauty of Spring, and flowers, and sidewalk chalk, and adorable little sisterlings, and blonde curly hair, and sweet childlike affections. I don't see it so clearly as I do when my camera brings such things into focus. And that's exactly what happened when I went to see these cute energetic girlies and their mother and grandmother. These little Florida girls ignored the Wisconsin Spring chill that set in that evening and happily romped around and did silly adorable things. My heart and camera are happy to have met them.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Jeremy & Kayla | Forever Could Never Be Long Enough

The morning of April 27 dawned... well, not so very clear and bright. In fact, it was a day of relentless downpours and heavily overcast conditions. Not ideal for weddings, particularly when you're the photographer. But the important part was that it did not serve to put a damper on the festivities and the celebration of two lives coming together to be wed. For a lifetime. And maybe just a couple wrinkles on my forehead. But that's okay; small price to pay. 

The wedding went off without a hitch. Except for it was a hitch, which is basically the whole point of weddings, right? Their wedding was so unique to them in a very beautiful way. The father of the bride built the incredible arbor. The aisle decor was stunning and meaningful. The little touches to include people in special ways... It was all very creative and lovely. 

Jeremy & Kayla were (and I think it is probably safe to assume still are) a fun couple, and their wedding party and families were equally fun. And photogenic. Which was a good thing because between terrible lighting and serious time crunching, it was quite the obsticality. (And yes, an experience like that deserves its own homemade word.) I am so proud of everyone for being able and willing to win the world's record for speed and efficiency when it comes to the heinous task of cooperating and smiling (with a healthy dose of goofy and fun just for good measure) for wedding pictures. So thank you, my willing subjects!!  

 3 Generations

A HUGE thank you goes to my assistants for the day, Bailey & Tabby. You girls were great and made my job much easier. THANK YOU!!!

Monday, May 5, 2014

How I Prefer My Breakfast

Cup of coffee and some unhealthy but tasty refined sugar shared with my two favorite people. In our jammies. It doesn't happen often, but it's worth it when it does. These little moments. I treasure them. 

Saturday, May 3, 2014


I took this photo the other morning shortly after learning my friend's baby, due to arrive later this month, had gone on to be with Jesus. Part of me feels trite and helpless, but with all my heart I dedicate this small token to precious baby Hudson Seth... The beautiful person who has brought heaven so much closer this week.

Life is fragile. Sometimes too fragile. Stuff like this doesn't make sense this side of heaven. But should it? Would heaven hold it's beautiful appeal if we could understand the how's and the why's and the pain and the suffering down here? Would the Gospel mean anything to us if all this tragedy made any sort of sense? Would the cross hold any meaning? Would we need hope?

I have more questions than answers right now, but at the end of the day I draw strength from the small beauties like a droplet of rain on a tiny brave little clover growing out of the rocks after a brutal Winter. A miniature hereld that tells me, He sees it all. Maybe these rain drops are His own tears, because I know He too feels the deep pain of our hearts. Even when it feels so wrong and hopeless, He will and He does make all things beautiful in time. The glimpses of beauty here on earth tell me how wonderful and ecstatic heaven will be. We do have hope because Jesus paid it all.

For now, my heart breaks for Hudson Seth's family. Hug them tight, Jesus.

Please feel free to leave them some love here and join me in supporting them with comfort and prayer.