Monday, June 23, 2014

What If?

I hate that I have to admit that the meanest people I know are Christians. And the world is subjected to the daily outcry of their condemning opinions and interpretation of Scripture. Sometimes I just have to hide my face in shame and say, No. If that is what constitutes Christianity then I am not a Christian. I am not participating in all the hurt and the judgment that at one time drove me to question the very existence of God; and if he did exist, what was my purpose in his angry presence? I ran from it all, only to find myself running towards the gospel; to divine love. That's where I slowly learned to experience healing. And hope. But for ten years now, my soul has begged the question; What if?

What if Christians put the gavel down? 

What if tattoos and piercings don't matter?

What if Christians got over how many alcoholic beverages are or are not okay?

What if Christians thought more about loving the little children and less about beating them with the rod?

What if it's okay that a child happens to throw a temper tantrum?

What if a child could only see Jesus through your love?

What if Christians got over the yoga pants?

What if the square centimeters of visible skin showing on a woman's body didn't really matter?

What if men are actually capable of respecting women?

What if modesty were actually a virtue and not just a clothing standard?

What if a homosexual is deserving of your love and friendship?

What if it's okay to not go to church?

What if it's okay to not spend time daily in the Bible?

What if it doesn't have to just be the King James Version?

What if it doesn't matter so much that someone say and do all the right things?

What if Christians could accept someone for being real rather than simply embracing their facade?

What if Christians quit throwing the proverbial baby out with the bathwater and started truly caring for one another and reaching out to others?

What if it doesn't matter so much that you be a world-changer?

What if it did matter that you be the light in a stranger's day, a hug for a lonely friend, a smile for a sad child?

What if your heart were big enough and open enough to be the change in the world around you?

What if preaching the gospel was living the gospel? 

What if Christians could see people through Jesus' eyes?

What if the world could see Jesus in Christians?

What if Christians were known for their love?

What if? What then? What would our world be like?


  1. I've been thinking much about this in the last 2 years. I have fought many good discussions with "Cast the first stone" or "known by our love for one another" or "What is really going on?" I think the difficulty with many christians today is what the Jewish people had a hard time with Jesus. There is logic in His teaching but not the natural inclination. There is understanding with His ways, but only on the surface level. There is too much achievement, but not enough community. It's getting really sad that people see things go on but neglect to do anything about it. Why don't we just act instead of ignore? Why can't we be more like the good Samaritan? Why aren't we learning from history? From the past that is exactly in front of us in the Word?

    Many, many questions :)

    1. I love how you say there is logic in his teaching but not the natural inclination. That is indeed the whole nature of humanity. We get it in our heads, but our hearts don't wrap around it. The inclination to love freely, forgive freely, reach out freely, to not think only of ourselves?... that's just not natural for us.

  2. Thanks for being brave enough to honestly write this. I think about this all the time.

    1. Thank you! I'm excited to know that this kind of Christianity does exist and IS real for many people.

  3. love this. these are the hard questions we must ask ourselves! why do you have to live in WI?? I think you'd be a super rad neighbor. :)

  4. I know right? Why do you NOT live in Wisconsin? :-D

  5. Thanks for putting into words some thoughts that have been going through my head lately. This was encouraging.

  6. So very well put!!! Thank you for sharing your thoughts!!! I would totally blog this on my blog, but.... My blog is more in line with herbs and natural healing........

    But this puts so nicely some of what I am coming to understand!!! I grew up with the idea that if someone doesn't fall in line with what is preached then the person is to be avoided..... Or, that if the person is vocally denouncing the things the church believes then we should no longer have anything to do with them... Not even to eat a meal with them...... My question has been WHY???

    I believe in Justice and restraint.... But, I also believe that with that in equal measure is Love, mercy, and grace!!!!

    1. I agree, Melissa. Christianity has simply morphed into just another version of Pharisaism. I'm afraid Jesus would be just as well received by the church as he was by the religious people back when He walked this earth. I'm pretty sure we might see him in places like a bar; where alcohol is served! Tsk, tsk. We might call Him carnal. We might not want anything to do with Him. But the "lost" in our world would clammer all over Him and hang on every word... and find hope... love... redemption.

  7. This was an absolutely beautiful post! Thank You so much!!

    1. Thank you for commenting, Kate. I am glad to see this so well received. These questions have been burning on my heart for so long. They're scary to ask though.


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