Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Barneson Siblings and Family

I love this amazing, laughing, spunky, fun-loving family. I've known them since approximately just before I can remember. Lizz has been a dear friend for just as long. Years pass, we grow up, our families and lives ever expanding and changing, yet somehow we have stayed friends through thick and thin and I just adore it when her marine brother comes home and she asks if I'm available to do pictures. Because hanging out with her and hers makes me laugh a little bit harder and my life a little brighter and I want to turn around and do another session just as soon as I have my gear packed up. But I don't think her brothers, good sports that they are, would appreciate that, so I fasten my seatbelt and just hope she asks again next week... or at least next year.

And how cool is the Banbury Place for a portrait backdrop?

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