Friday, June 20, 2014

Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

My friend Rachel totally made my day... no, my week... no, my year... no... my life!  when she came to visit me last week. You see, we have been friends for about 14 years, if my math serves me correctly. We became pen pals back in our childish days which turned to life-long friends. I'm not really one to pick and choose favorites and BFF's, but she would definitely fit the category, and has definitely been a true and very close friend for... well, 14 years. Which says a lot because we have both grown and changed. Reality can be hard on childhood friendships; particularly those of the long-distance variety. But in this case, reality has just made us better, closer and more awesome.

Her two girls are just younger than my two boys. Yes, we have totally match-made. Our children are as good as married.

But of course as fate would have it, after a steady stream of lovely perfectly sunny happy weather, the day she came the sun chose to hide behind the clouds and the wind chose to be cold and send patches of rain. And while the world seemed very cheery amongst my favorite people, there really was not much time for photoshooting and cute kid poses. But we couldn't let an afternoon together go by without some cute shots of her and her little beauties.

My niece and nephew and their mommy got to spend the day with us as well, and they totally adored 3 year-old Angeline. So enjoy all the cuteness that has made the year 2014 already epic.

Baby River

Diva Angeline

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