Saturday, July 14, 2012



When I first started up this blog, I read somewhere that a good blogger blogs at least three times a week. "Pshaw. I got this! Easy." I says to me-self. I also resolved that I would be consistent enough that I would never have to apologize or make excuses for neglect, and on those rare occasions where neglect would inevitably ensue it would be okay. It was my blog. No apology necessary.

But then Summer hit. And with it, a bad case of bloggineglectfulitis.

And things like trips... And weddings to shoot... And out of town guests.

And cute kids getting to know each other.

And a beautiful miniature little garden my husband made for me I just want to soak up and continue to exercise the self control in allowing all things fruitful to grow and mature.

And black and white poka dots! Because they are sooo distracting.

And creation in all of its glory.

I have so many excuses for my neglect. Please accept my apologies. Here's my mid-July resolution to not let this happen again.

And now I have to go because SOMEBODY had to go and make it very necessary for me to make Cinnamon Rolls on this very hot, hot day. But first I want every one to know that the excuses named here barely scratch the surface. I have so many more, but I try not to come across as an excessive excuse-maker.

However (final excuse for the day), do you know what the kicker is?? Our coffee pot broke!!!! Yes, folks, it is amazing that I am even alive... even coherent (some may argue that to be debatable, actually), and not in some caffeine-deficient-induced coma. The good news is that there is a coffeepot due to arrive on my doorstep beginning of this next week. It is all of darling and cutesy too, on top of being reported to make fantabulous coffee, so if I love it as much as I do right now before even meeting it, I shall certainly have to tell you all about it.

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