Thursday, May 9, 2013

My Life is in the Toilet!

 And Other Excuses

The 2 1/2 year-old male child is learning the wonders of potty and how it goes in the toilet. Not in our Buzz undies, or on the floor, or in our shoes; but Daddy keeps his underwear dry and Daddy's a big boy so Jimmy is a big boy just like Daddy.


In the mean time there are plenty of dribbles to "fush" down the toilet and hands-washing and potty chair rinsing and floor scrubbing, and gummy worms and "choc-ate" going on and at times it feels like my life revolves around toddler pee and poop and the great adventure of toilet "fushing".

And if you were paying attention you would be aware that I skipped a couple weeks in the Portrait-of-the-Week department as well as entirely skipped out on the 3 month milestone for "Baby Olson" (as his loving big brother calls him for some unknown reason). But I actually literally have a really good excuse for that one--and it is completely unrelated to the abundance of Springtime and sunshine we had for once in a century.

You see, I was indeed in the very act of assembling such posts when there was a collision between a cute Jimmy, a pillow, a beverage and my computer. All happening in slow motion before my eyes. Fortunately no data was lost, but the normal functions of the computer were fried. I have since been in the process of transferring photos, software, programs and business documents to a different computer. It's not as easy as one might think to start all over, but it is kind of nice in some ways to have a clean slate. I rather like the lack of clutter.

Added to that was the whole necessary phone upgrade and I'm officially "technically" overwhelmed. Ha.

I think I might be starting to collect the pieces of myself though and hope to resume to "normal" blogging. Especially considering I'm in one of those revolutionary blogger identity crisis things where I  make all sorts of resolutions to blog more, document my blessed life and be more inspired to create. But who knows what can become of such aspirations... My life is still in the toilet after all.

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