Tuesday, July 9, 2013

That Time We Hit the Road

One of the silliest things I have ever done would probably have to be the time I was all like, "Oh yeah! How about we take the 2 boys, without their daddy, but bring their 2 aunties and go on an 8 hour road trip to visit their cousins all the way in Nebraska! Aaaand, let's be gone for 9 days. Away from the man we love so much. Oh boy, this is going to be so fun." 

They say pregnancy brain usually takes at least 6 months to recover from. This was the day I had a lapse in my road to recovery.

So like a forlorn little vagabond I assembled the to-go version of my temporarily fatherless children.

Kissing the sweet, studly father of my beautiful children and pulling out of our drive way I may or may not have been choking on a dozen little lumps in my throat that just wouldn't be swallowed. My sister appropriately blared Anna Kendrick's "You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone" which caused the aforementioned lumps to become fruitful and multiply. I also may or may not have texted the man I love just shortly into our trip, "10 minutes down, 9 days to go :'(".

Why am I doing this on purpose?

Yes, I am pathetic.

But then the curly haired toddler and the dimply infant child quickly brought me back to reality and caused me to live in that reality every moment that followed for the following 9 days.

And indeed I was grateful for 9 days of no household responsibility but to love on the dimply infant child who wants nothing but cuddles out of life (and calories of course, lots and lots of calories). As fate would so harshly have it, the baby got sick and didn't think it was appropriate for neither him nor I to sleep during the night. So, being a parent of young children, it so happened that my trip is actually quite unexciting to tell you about because the most exciting thing I did was listen to a mountain lion growl in the middle of the night, but it was probably more like a baby house cat--because everything is much bigger and more horrible when you're sleep deprived.

We just had as much fun as we possibly could in a house full of children and noise and coffee. Jimmy called his daddy every night to tell him he loved him and missed him and one night he got a little choked up about it. Otherwise he was very brave. He had a cousin just a couple months younger than him to play with and be very gentle but firm with ("Korynne, don't say no. You say 'Okay, 'Immy.' Say 'okay'... No, DON'T SAY 'NO!!!' KORYYYYYNNE!!!").

It was fun to be gone, but oh how good it was to be back in the arms of my beloved. But then there was that awkward moment after I fiiiinally got the over tired dimply infant child to sleep and for the first time in what felt like years I got to snuggle up to my husband on the couch with a movie. Several minutes later I realized I had been gently patting him the whole time. Mommy mode, I tell you, you can't just instantaneously snap out of it.

 This here is the instagram version of our trip.

Why yes, it's been like a month since said-trip. I'm a mom so the ball usually rolls about a day late around here. Get over it if you're not already.

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