Monday, September 30, 2013

Colton Samuel | Month 8 at a Glance

:: First football Sunday Go Packers! 
Upon an exceptionally exciting touch down causing a lot of animation to erupt in the room, Colton sat up straight and put his hands straight in the air for "touch down!"
:: Learns to give kisses
:: First time going to a wedding (Auntie Sheila's)
:: Starts "crawling"--if that's what you call the thing inch worms do to get around.
:: Suddenly becomes the sweetest, happiest, most-fun baby on the planet.
:: When sad, the one thing that makes him very happy is sitting at the piano and pounding it loudly.
:: Continues to love food
:: Continues to make mommy and daddy and every body he comes in contact with to fall in love with him
:: Weighs 23.6 pounds

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