Sunday, December 22, 2013

Colton Samuel | Month 10 at a Glance

:: Got two more teeth
:: Smacks his lips when giving kisses
:: Mimics what other people are doing
:: When listening to music, he kicks his feet, claps his hands and bobs his head wholeheartedly
:: Stands all on his own
:: Weighs 26 pounds
:: Officially all grown out of 18-month clothing
:: Plays peek-a-boo
:: On the go. Constantly.
:: Still excessively cuddly, unless he has something to do, places to go, or people to see.
:: Has an ever-growing vocabulary consisting of Mom, Dad, Joochy-jooch (Jimmy), N'ston (Winston),Tia, Ta (Tabby), Wh'zuuuuuuuup? Wh'saaaaaaaat? Ba (bye, accompanied with earnest waving)...

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