Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Our First Cross Country Flight

And so the day came when the pilot assigned me as Chief Assistant to the Chief Navigator and together we boarded (crammed) our small adorable little crew and took off for the plains of Nebraska. Our first cross-country flight and we didn't have a GPS. Let me assure you, the world looks a lot different from the skies. Turns out we're a great navigating team, he and I. We made it without having to stop for directions. I will let the pictures speak for themselves because I can't do the majesty of the skies a whole lot of justice with words, nor the personalities of my nieces and nephews. 

That, and I'm sleepy. 

 Kind of like how these boys were supposed to be. But they loved the experience. They shouted happily on take off and landings; unlike their mother who remains calm as she turns her face away so nobody can see her gritting her teeth and holding her breath and wondering why she would agree to such a way to take her family out and why is she putting her children through this?
 Don't worry, my life flashes before my eyes on any flight in any plane with the most experienced of pilots. Defying gravity isn't exactly my comfort zone. Not at first.
 And cutting our travel time in half to see these crazies is so worth it!

 The Mississippi River


Okay so no offense to my Iowa friends, but Iowa is just a little bit.... monotonous.

 Nebraska reminded me of lovely and creative patchwork quilts.

 Coming back home.

Wisconsin... home sweet beautiful luscious rolling home. 

Wait, what was it that I said about being sleepy? 

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