Monday, February 23, 2015

Boredom Buster for 4 Year-Old Chefs

I have had it with Winter, I have had it with snow, I have had it with Windchillville, I have had it with Frozen, I have had it with February, I just want it to be June for the rest of the year.

The cold actually does bother me.

But no, that's not the way this game works. 

So with all this pent up energy pining away for Spring, some days we just gotta, you know, Let it go. (resorting to lane redundant cliches now.) 

So Jimmy. He's so easy going and relaxed, but cabin fever gets him too. And since there's not a vaccine for that, it has to run it's course and the best thing you can do is try and keep him stable. We were both kind of having an "off" day. Since playing in the sunshine (which we have vague memories of) wasn't an option, and since I had nearly a bushel of honey crisp apples going bad (which is a felony, right?), I thought well, why not let him have a little fun, miniature chef boy that he is? 

So I pulled out all the ingredients that would go good with apples and I let him take it away. 

He loved it. We all got to enjoy it. He's quite a chef. 


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