Sunday, June 28, 2015

Brotherly Love in Action

It was a moment of sheer devastation for Jimmy. Not only had he recently sustained an injury of childhood clumsiness, but he had just received the news that the sun was going down therefore bath time, story time, and bed time was upon what was previously a completely delightful Summer evening.
Colton was admittedly a little stunned at the turn of events himself, in the midst of all that fun play in that dirt he discovered in the driveway, however baths are on his extremely long list of very favorite things so he was slightly less disappointed.

 But with the deepest empathy for his brother's affliction, he consoled him with the affection of loyal brotherhood.
And then Colton remembered the most potent of medicines, the panacea for all boyhood traumas: the kiss gun.




And like magic, crisis averted. Healing has come.

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