Thursday, July 30, 2015

Spica Cast: Week 2

Hey Guys! Just wanted to post a quick update that's a bit more cheerful than my last one. I snapped these after Colton's "bath" this evening. As you can see, he seems to be well adjusted and possibly even loving the new digs.

He's a real soldier when it comes to the army crawl. This kid's getting some impressive upper body strength! He has also figured out how to roll over, which completely delights him. It makes my mama heart a little sad to think how excited I am for him to learn these super simple things... Things he already learned as a baby. But this is all a part of the journey, and if he's going to be proud of accomplishing these new milestones, then so am I!

We have had a lot of long, long, long, long wakeful nights, but I think we may have discovered the ultimate level of comfort for him when we moved his mattress to the floor, enabling him to sleep on his tummy, thereby giving him the ability to safely adjust himself on his own a little more. So far last night was our first successful night, and here's to making a habit of those.

We're counting the days down to our cast removal appointment in a couple weeks, and prayerfully hopeful that there are no complications or delays. While he's been such a trooper about handling the restrictions of a body cast, he still talks about wanting to go ride his car and play in the water and run around. That makes me want to cry. I'm still going to see if they will replace the spica with bubble wrap though.

So in closing, maybe we adults could all work on embracing life--bad or good--with the same enthusiasm of a 2 year-old. Perspective is everything.

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