Sunday, August 9, 2015

We Do Loud Really Well

A few weeks ago (already!) my sister from Nebraska and her family made the trek to the Wisconsin neck of the woods where the rest of our family resides. Between my parents, the siblings, the spouses and significant others, the kids there's 21 of us. And that doesn't include the gazillion pets between all of us. In my family, this spells out a recipe for a lot of laughter, a lot of loud, and total randomosity on tap.

Of course the 4 year-old girl cousins would be capable of convincing the 2 year-old to pull them around in the wagon. 

 I don't have daughters, but I do have nieces. It's so fun when they let me do their hair.

 The 4 year-olds.
"Baby Toads" are a favorite.

 And so was horseback riding.

 Quesadilla burgers on the grill.

Sisters! We tried to take a normal picture. There are probably hundreds. This is the only one that turned out relatively normal. 

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  1. Amazing pictures that I am enjoying soooo much. Thanks Brittney


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