Friday, November 13, 2015

Taylor | Sweet Home Wisconsin

The Beautiful Taylor wins the prize for the greatest distance traveled to have her senior portraits taken by me. Her family made the road trip all the way from Arizona so her beloved native Wisconsin countryside could be the back drop to these very special portraits in her life. I feel her time was definitely worth her while. What a fun experience!

We started out at our local Colfax Railroad Museum. The sun was high and bright, which is normally a challenging factor on the photography side of things. But somehow, it just couldn't have been more perfect. We then wandered around this tiny little town and even stopped at a farm for some country shots. We traipsed carefully around vintage cars, rough hewn brick, a rustic barn and a quiet courtyard that afternoon... Time flew quickly, and I don't even know how to pick just a few of my favorite images. 

I'm so grateful for Taylor and her beautiful smile and fun personality. I know she has what it takes to go far in life, and not just literally, but figuratively too... hehe. I wish her the best and the biggest dreams ever.

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