Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Tressa | Senior

I met this girl 8 years ago when her big brother went and stole my heart and made me part of his family. I always loved the little sister I got out of marriage, and she's practically all grown up now. The gorgeous lady she has become makes me so proud. I'm proud of her for being so much spunk and passion and humor. I'm proud of how hard working, intelligent, independent and adventurous she is. I'm really proud to have watched her learn to love herself for the beautiful girl that she is. She got back up when life kicked her in the face. She showed the world that she's strong and that she's courageous enough to believe in herself. She makes me so proud of how far she's come and where she's going.

"There's a light that shines when I'm on the road
There's a brand new sky where I need to go
I'm reading signs and I'm seeing patterns in the snow
As I walk into the great unknown." --Rachel Platten

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