Saturday, March 29, 2014

He's My Favorite

If I had known when I woke up that Saturday morning in late March, who I was going to meet that day and how that one person would change the entire course of my life, I probably would not have walked out into that kitchen so oblivious and nonchalant. That guy sitting there, that friend of my brother's, that silly goon on facebook, just kind of hanging out with the family while waiting on my disproportionately late brother to finally show up so they could do guy things. I was all like, "Oh hey. You're Andy. So we meet. You silly crazy commenter person you." 

Lah deeh dah. 

Maybe not literally. I actually don't recall word for word the exact conversation that instigated the formal meeting of two souls that were oblivious to how destined they were to be together. Up until that point, I was just the recipient of all this hysterical banter in which he picked on me relentlessly. And now he was in the same room as me for the first time and he had that silly naughty little gleam in his strikingly handsome blue eyes where he just couldn't wait to make me laugh because he's a funny friendly guy that way.

And he did make me laugh. And there was something about him... Something I couldn't put my finger on or understand at the time, but it was that little something that love stories are made of I guess. I would soon learn that in the days and weeks that followed. Six years, two honeymoons, one deployment, two kids, a few moves, a couple jobs, and one obnoxiously ridiculous dog later, he has made me laugh every single day of our crazy life. He's my favorite person in the whole wide world to be married to.

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