Friday, March 28, 2014

I Wish We Could All Be Three

This boy.

Sweet and darling.

He randomly tells me that he loves me, that I look nice, or that he likes my purse.

He always notices my hair and kindly tells me it's pretty or advises me that I need to fix it because, "It is not nice, Mom."

Recently, wishing for Spring he had a talk with the Guy who makes the grass. I overheard him, "God? Hey God? Where are you? God, I can't hear you. Is that you God? I hear you now. Um, hey God? We need grass."

So trusting and accepting of simple faith.

He is obsessed with boots of all kinds and has his very own style, unencumbered by trends and dates.

I love three year-olds with a passion. I wish we could all be three; just think of how fun and happy our world would be.


  1. He is a very sweet boy...! I love talking to him on the phone. His cute raspy voice is enjoyable to listen to. Jimmy is well-mannered and easy going and incredibly cute! What can I say? .. "He is a keeper" !!!! :)

  2. I love these pictures and his sweatshirt =)

  3. lol I love his sweatshirt! Very cute cutie you got there :)


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