Saturday, March 22, 2014

Anthony & Brittney | A Winter Fairytale

 Winter... the last season in the series of photo sessions we were doing. With Winter being the over-achiever that it so often is here in Wisconsin, we scheduled and re-scheduled throughout the Winter until finally, just days before Spring, we got ourselves a satisfactory Winter-esque morning. No crazy snow storms or sub-zero windchills. No terrible road conditions or other inclement weather  warnings. Just calm, beautiful, serene. A gentle 17-ish° f . Which, in case you are unaware, happens to be quite perfect for a tailgate hot chocolate rendezvous and a colorful afghan. 

Tony & Brittney  are such a great couple.  They remind me why I love doing what I do. It makes me so happy to see two people so completely dedicated to each other, who love each other so tenderly. The task of capturing the sweet essence of who they are and what marriage is supposed to look like is no task at all. It has been such an honor to be their photographer. 

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