Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Nelson Kids

I love this crazy bunch of kids. They bring so much funny to a photo shoot I have to be cautious of camera shake from laughing so hard.

Landon, 10 years old. 
Basketball player, math whiz, very opinionated on clothing and brands (loves Puma, dislikes Nike, and Under Armour is pretty cool), lover of jokes, laid back... Pretty much just all around awesome in general.

Janae, almost 9. 
Incredible gymnast, passionate, fiery, sweet, fun, energetic. You don't know vibrant until you know this girl. 

Alex, almost 7. 
He's a hard one to sum up because he is so his own person the only way to describe him is by his name. Just so very, very Alex. Every photo he saw of himself he would declare, "Geeeeet riiiiid of iiiiit." Spunky. Goofy. Those eyes, that smile, the crazy cowlicks in his hair... He actually reminds me of a Precious Moments character. Super ridiculously cute and with the personality to match.

Korynne, 3.
 Little Miss Sassafras might be a better name for her, considering she is as sassy as she is cute. But oh, her perfect little girl voice! Sweet as honey. And believe me, those beautiful eyes save her from ever getting in trouble. 

I love these kids, did I mention that? 

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  1. Wow! These shots are beautiful! What a lovely bunch of children... they definitely look like themselves in the pictures! ♥


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