Sunday, October 5, 2014

Baby Brenden | From Here, to the Moon and Back

This beautiful baby boy is clearly the light of his mommy's life. So perfect and strong and healthy and sweet. There's something beautiful about a new mother's love for her baby and the way the baby absorbs and thrives off of that love. You don't know what love looks like until you see a mommy's tireless, undying, unending, patient, eternal dedication to a precious little person so dependent on her. Brenden's beautiful mommy is a perfect picture of that and they made such a gorgeous pair. I loved every minute I got to spend behind the camera with them. 

I could hold out my arms, say "I love you this much" 
I could tell you how long I will long for your touch 
How much and how far would I go to prove 
The depth and the breadth of my love for you?

From here to the moon and back 
Who else in this world will love you like that? 
Love everlasting, I promise you that 
From here to the moon and back 


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