Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Jimmy | 4 Years

I realized the other day that Jimmy's birthday fell during the time I was transitioning to a new computer and I also had other photoshoots I was working on, so while we celebrated this sweet boy with cake and ice cream and a pumpkin patch and a costume party, I never "officially"/online acknowledged his special day of birth, October 29, until now. Mom fail. But he's forgiving and understanding and sweet, so it will be okay. 

Jimmy is the best thing that could ever happen to a person. It's hard for me to believe he's four already. But, at the same time, it's even more difficult to imagine my life ever existing before him.

I love this age. Granted, it seems I say that for every new milestone and age he reaches because he's just that great of a kid. But so far, four takes the cake. His thought processes, his reasoning, his discussions, his questions, his observations, his kindness, his ginormous heart, his four year-old innocence. It's enough to make me want to keep him like this forever. If life doesn't have a four year-old in it, what sort of reason do you even have to get out of bed?? With that said....

Dear Jimmy,

You are such a funny, sweet, and all-around-awesome little person in general.

You sings songs like, "Life without Mommy is like a donut... 'Cause there's a hole in the middle of your heart!"

You have been known to have strong opinions about the way I look; slicked back sloppy pony tails get a horrified gasp and, "Mom! Fix your hair! It is not pretty!! I do not like it!!!"

When the babysitter asked you how you liked your sandwich that she fixed for you, you replied, "Well, it's not yucky."

One time you informed me your baby brother was sick... because "Colton's nose is walking and stuff." 

You're the best big brother any little boy could wish for. 

In the wee hours of Christmas morning, much too early for the people in your life who happen to treasure the benefits of sleep, I could hear you muttering to yourself, "First I will go ni-night with Mom. And then I will open presents. New toys! Actually, I will go open presents now. I will be right back, Mom!"

"'He' fixes my hair, my 'mudder' is beyond compare, my 'mudder' is everywhere. We 'wuv' you, mudders."

You have mastered getting yourself dressed. Usually. Sometimes though, things end up backwards and it upsets you and you tearfully sniffle,"Look, Mom. Spiderman. He's riding on my back!"

One time, after a string of cloudy gloomy weather we had sunshine. You were excited and declared,"God turned the light on for us!"

Your random dialog while enjoying time together... "God made the trees, Mom. And the sunshine. The sunshine is so nice today. God made the the trees, He put the trees on the grass and got leaves on them. The trees are so heavy! Oh God. He is just so funny."

Your perception of God makes me smile, and helps me see Him in a whole new light.

You learned to pedal your bike this year.

Daddy gave you a high and tight hair cut much to my horror.

You got to fly in Grandpa and Daddy's little airplane.

You love puzzles, and could spend hours on them every day.

You love rough housing with your little brother.

You're always so positive, so genuine, so sweet.  Your heart is so big and kind. You make me laugh, and you make me think. Your tenderness makes me a better person. Your sweetness is what made me, a disliker-of-kitties, stop that cold afternoon to get the poor stray kitten off the road so he wouldn't get hit. Instead of running from me, he came meowing and purring. You claimed him and loved him even when he was dying. Your big heart is what made your Kitty Gomez pull through. You showed me that love truly is a healing potion. Who knew a kid could teach his parent so much?

Thank you Jesus for four year-old's. And thanks for making one of them our Jimmy.

You are such a great kid. Thanks for that. Thanks for being mine. Thanks for loving me, and somehow taking care of me in your own special way.

I love you more. 

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