Saturday, January 17, 2015

That Four-Letter F-Word

F . E . A . R 

Maybe my biggest regret as a mother has to do with fear. Thinking fearfully ahead too much to enjoy the beauty of life growing and flourishing right here. Right now. Today.

Moms have a lot to worry about.

During pregnancy we fear loss, we fear the inevitable and excruciating pain in our near future, we fear the inability to make it through the upcoming sleepless nights, we imagine everything that might possibly go wrong. Sometimes we even fear our babies won't have all their fingers and toes.

Then the incredible miracles of life that are so beyond our control unfold, whether or not we are ready for them, and suddenly that little bundle is snuggled peacefully against our chests. And now there's these big scary germs all over the place terrifying us, there's diseases that seem so rampant, there's SIDS... And is the baby gaining enough, and is he hitting his milestones, and how in the world can I possibly be adequate? Those nights our babies unexpectedly sleep peacefully still find us lying awake in bed thinking about all the big bad scary things that might possibly go so terribly wrong.

And then those little beings that were babies yesterday are suddenly walking and talking and dressing themselves and singing the alphabet song. Now we're pretty sure we're screwing them up. They mimic our bad attitudes. We're not everything Pinterest wants us to be. We're not making homemade play dough, we're not taking enough pictures, we have emotional breakdowns, we even lose our tempers. It's pretty ugly. When should he start school? What school should he go to? What curriculum should he use? What sports should he be involved in? I'm not spending enough time with him.With me as a mom, is he even going to be okay?

On top of normal mom worries, there's still ISIS, and ebola, and planes missing, and influenza, and drunk drivers, and school shootings, and financial frustrations, and cancer...

Whatever possessed me to possibly believe that this world was a perfectly good place to bring a kid into?

It's a heavy load to be lugging around on your heart.

Fear is your biggest enemy; even bigger than that thing that you're most afraid of. Fear is your deterrent to happiness, hope, health, even wealth. Fear paralyzes you from being who you were created to be. Fear robs you of the blessings you have in your life, right now... Today. When fear invades your heart, it also affects the people closest to you. Fear, worry, anxiety... it does nothing profitable for you. Jesus has it all under control, because He cares for you. The burden of tomorrow isn't yours to carry, and when the enemy of your soul tries to hand it to you, laugh in his face. Because he sucks, and he doesn't get to have that privilege in your life.

This isn't just for moms. Everybody has fears. What's yours? Can you give it up?

"So don’t be anxious about tomorrow. God will take care of your tomorrow too."
Matthew 6:34

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