Thursday, September 10, 2015

Don't Rain On My Parade | Hannah's Senior Portraits

Miss Hannah. The epitome of natural beauty and talent all bundled up in a sweet, kind, balloon toting senior.

Senior shoots are always fun. Hannah's was especially so. This day had already been rescheduled due to rain, so we planned for a day that was forecasted with the ideal-est of photography conditions. But did the day go as forecasted?


On that one very tiny spot on the map on the day that we wished to conduct the senior photography thing, there was this cloud. A drippy cloud. A few of them actually. And by nature, they would precipitate their evil little hearts out. Every other part of the state had clear skies. But not here. It was rain. On the day where the forecast said 0% precipitation. ZERO. Whaaaat? And this itsy bitsy blip on the radar just did this cute little hovering act. For hours. But would it dappen our spirits? No, actually.

For we were the spirit of adventure mixed with a tiny bit of rebel.

Decked out with a gorgeous array of helium balloons and a plethora of ideas, not much could stop us as we hit the bustling streets of the tiny little town of Colfax, smack dab in the middle of Rush Hour.

(And by nothing I simply mean anything short of involving handcuffs and jail time. For we like to think of ourselves as relatively law abiding citizens.)
(And by rush hour, there were like four cars at one time that we had to wait for!)

 Those deviant helium balloons though. We carefully guarded and protected and doubly anchored them every step of the way. But would they escape us? Yes. Somehow, helium balloons, they always find a way.

Yet Hannah, who is all things pleasant, gracious and lovely, kept smiling. The picture of who she is as a person, really. She knows about curve balls, disappointment, blows to her dreams. I don't know if maybe her mama always told her to never cry over spilled milk or renegade balloons, but it seems she takes the hard blows and challenges herself to make them beautiful. She smiles graciously and simply does the next thing. You can't rain on her parade, for if you do, she's probably just going to dance right on through it.


  1. amazing pictures Britt! beautiful young lady <3

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. :) And this photo shoot looks like it was indeed a lot of fun. The one of sheet music flying through the air-great!


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