Monday, September 7, 2015

Zack: 25 Years Old

 This guy. He's my brother.

He was born 25 years ago. I was young enough to not understand the serious-ness of his health, all I knew was what my mom and dad told me: He has Down's Syndrome. He will see the world differently than us. He is very special. He will have a greater capacity to love.

I never knew there was anything "wrong" with him, outside of the numerous hospital stays in a city far away. I didn't know Down's Syndrome was a word that scared parents.

Sure, he couldn't hit his milestones at the same rate the rest of us do. But he could sing, and say words like "Hallelujah" before he could even say our names.

This kid grew up. He loved everybody he met, and they couldn't help but love him back. He became the greatest uncle a kid could ask for. He cared deeply about the real things, the deep things, the things you talk to God about.

And now today is his birthday. He's been in my life for 25 years. He's invested himself passionately into my kids' lives. With such a great guy in our lives, I don't know how we could possibly be richer.

Happy Birthday to the greatest brother on the planet.

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