Wednesday, November 6, 2013

James Teagon | 3 Years Old

(October 29)

::  His Baby Colton. Seriously. Best friends ever.
::  His toys. All of them. Strewn all over the house.
::  That baby Colton loves to play with him. They go in their room, shut the door and play for hours. Occasionally Jimmy pokes his head out to let me know that Colton is playing with him and that Jimmy is being a good boy.
::  Helping in the kitchen

::  Oatmeal
::  Pancakes
::  Fruit of all kinds
::  Pizza

:: how to wear big boy underwear and keep them dry (or, as he puts it, "Mater/Buzz/Bullseye/B'Queen butt" because he has awesome undies)
::  The alphabet. In sign language.
::  How to write "J", "I", "V", and "W" (only W looks more like WWWW).
::  Most colors.
::  How to count. Mostly.

size 9 shoes

::  A new baby brother
::  trip to the zoo

::  Jesus Loves Me
::  Happy Birthday
::  You've Got a Friend in Me
::  E I E I O
::  Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Baby Olson = Baby Colton
Candles = Sandals
Suuwatch = Sandwich
E-wau-you = I love you
Jumping Rex = Jumping jacks

And because I think he's the most adorable 3 year-old ever, there will probably be more posts dedicated to this milestone in his life. 

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