Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Jimmy's 3rd Birthday

It's quite possible that the 3 year-old in our house got a little bit spoiled in the celebrating of his big birthday. He's so cute and funny though it's hard to refrain from showering him with all the love in the world.

The festivities began a couple days before the turning of three when his grandparents had a little party for him.
 Lots of presents!

 And a super awesome yummy minion cake made by Grandma & "Tia"

Fact: Getting spoiled is exhausting.

 The morning of his birthday his mom and dad took him to Denny's for breakfast. He would have been satisfied if they only served chocolate milk.

 Because the other side of the family still wanted to celebrate with him we had another tiny party for him. I put a truck on a platter, loaded it up with chunks of crazy cake. Threw in a few gummy worms and topped it with a candle. Easiest birthday cake ever.

We sure like having this sweetheart of a kid that wraps everybody right around his pinky finger.

We love you, big guy!

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