Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Sheng & Elizabeth | Engagement

He makes her feel like dancing, and her infectious giggle entices him to hold her close as their fingers intertwine. She hums as they rhythmically guide each other, creating their own special dance. The wrinkles in her nose when he makes her laugh tell the story of her adoration for him. She loves adventure, and he loves her love of adventure. His gentle strength keeps her calm and focused. Together they choreograph the sort of love story that will last. As their feet tap the pavement, moving each other and dancing together they breathe in the breathtaking moments that are the stepping stones to a joyous ever after. They are best friends. There's a wedding coming in October. There will be dancing and laughter, and their love will sparkle in all of the glitter. When the final flecks of glitter have been swept up and all the messy details of wedding and planning are over, there's two hearts with one love and the tenacity to dance forever.

It was so much fun to hang out with this fun couple as we clamored all over Eau Claire to capture their love in some spectacular ways. They take their love of adventure seriously, even in a photoshoot. From the rocky ridges cutting out the river along Phoenix Park, to Grand Avenue Cafe where the barista served up a gorgeous pair of their "prettiest drink ever", then we were off to one of the named coldest places in the U.S along the Putnam Park trails, and tried not to get lost in the confusing maze of the UW campus.

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  1. Amazing pictures, as always! Beautiful couple. ❤❤


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