Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Sometimes Miracles Come in Pairs

Science only goes so far... And then there's God

There are times when life puts an agonizing dream in your heart. It's so strong and so surreal you don't really know how to deal with it, you just want it--need it, rather--so bad. But it doesn't happen. It consumes your heart, you chase after it and chase after it but it's just beyond your grasp. You see it happening all around you, for other people but it's never for you. And then you have a ray of hope, it's becoming reality; this dream of yours is coming true. But when a wrecking ball of despair swings in, and this dream is once again shattered in three hundred thousand broken shards of hopelessness, you're not sure you have it in you to keep the dream alive. 

That's what it was like for a childhood friend of mine. Her and her loving husband, they just wanted a baby. Their dream was to hold and love and care for a child, to be a mom and dad to that special little someone. But maybe some dreams are just a farce. A cruel mockery of what you can not have. 

Tears, prayers, doctors, a final dose of faith and the tiniest glimmer of hope, a miracle began to shape in their lives. Not one, but two precious babies. Born very prematurely these little miracles defied all odds. Little Kensley and Westin. Beautiful, cuddly definitions of the word miraculous. 

Every day Susanna and Mabvuto look at their babies and it's all of their dreams come true over and over again. 

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