Friday, March 18, 2016

The Simple Life

Most of my days begin in the wee hours of the morning. A tap on my shoulder and the 3 year-old politely imploring, "Mom, can you snuggle me, pleeeeeeease?" I stir, not really willing to share my comfortable space with a thrashing, whispering small human, but at the same time how long will this thrashing, whispering small human only want to be snuggled? He wiggles his way right under the covers and straight into my heart as he somehow takes ownership of the width and breadth of my pillow and the entire expanse of the queen sized bed.

Somewhere around this time, the nocturnal deaf cat starts howling as he prowls around the house. I hug the edge of the mattress and contemplate what a world without cats would be like. Quiet, peaceful, simple. I like simple, I think to myself as the first rays of sun pierce the sky. I can tell the 3 year-old is no longer sleeping when he starts whispering every single thought that flutters across his active mind. 

We live a simple life in our simple rented duplex in a simple country neighborhood. Our furniture is scuffed and worn, our possessions are few, and we're not very fashionable. We like quiet evenings, hand's on projects and fresh dirt. The dog knows all of our friends by name and the cat howls when he's bored. I know the simple life doesn't appeal to all, but it works out for us, and this is what a day in our simple life may or may not look like. 
 When I get out of the shower, there's reams of paper now turned into art by pajama clad little artists. Colton draws S's and fish, while Jimmy writes his name and creates "score cards", as he calls them (something to do with football, I'm not sure I really understand it though, but that's typical of football with me).

 They dress themselves in their favorite Packer shirts and "play library" which is a huge mess but typically involves all of Dad's history "war books" and Dr. Seuss.
We never elude to to the midday sleepy time as a nap, for naps are unacceptable. Being quiet and listening to music as we accidentally drift off to sleep however is far more favorable, and having your big brother tell you animated super man stories before the quiet time commences is a thrashing, whispering small human's favorite way to do things. Also, extra points if the mattress is on the floor.

And then somehow I have this uncanny ability to never know what to fix the family for dinner. Even as the meat is cooking and water is boiling and the man of the house will be home any moment, I'm still all "Dear Pinterest, I don't know what to cook--- Oooo look! A craft!"

It's a simple life, not without it's bad days or frustrating moments. But it's where we are right now. And today is about choosing to be content--embracing the childhood of my sons and enjoying the simple things. You don't need a lot of money for that.

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