Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Lincoln Arrow | Just a Little Boy with a Great Big God

Little Lincoln Arrow won this photo session for his mommy when I hosted a contest where my facebook fans got to be the photographer. 

"Send me your favorite picture of your child/ren and include a story or description that celebrates them. This is not about technique or art or perfection, this is all about those candid beautiful faces and antics that you call your kids. This is your opportunity to brag on them to the world. I will create an album of all the images I have received and you, your friends & family, and the general public will then have an opportunity to vote on your favorite pictures/stories. The photo with the most votes wins and THE WINNER WILL RECEIVE A FUN AND FREE PHOTO SHOOT FOR THEIR CHILD/REN and eternal bragging rights." 

And well, Lincoln won it, hands down. And definitely earned the whole thing. He even gave me eternal bragging rights because he had nothing but all the time in the world to be cheerfully serendipitous and explode his winning personality all over the place. 

It was a little over two years ago when I got to meet Lincoln's mama and daddy. I was hobbling my 37 week pregnant self around the coldest overcast park in the northern hemisphere photographing their excitement of blissful preparation for a life of wedded bliss. You knew they were in for the long haul just by the warmth of their love that day, not to mention their mutual enjoyment of warm caffeinated beverages. 

Not long into the beautiful thing they called life together they discovered Lincoln would be adding the touch of wonderful to their family. Shortly after his birth he scared his mama and daddy, and the medical staff, with terrifying breathing spells. This is the part of the story where my heart fell in love with Lincoln. We experienced something so similar when our Colton was born, where the doctor's clipboard and confused shrug was nothing short of terrifying. (If you care to read about it, Colton's Story--the Facebook Edition and Surrounded by Mercy, Protected by PrayerI remember sitting by myself in a Starbucks coffee shop last September, choking back emotion as I read Lincoln's scared mama's updates of her precious newborn. Heal that beautiful baby boy, Jesus! I remember praying, and hug his mama and daddy really tight right now. 

It was going to be okay.  

And it was. He got to go home the next day.

Look at him now though. Meeting this special little guy was one of the bigger highlights of my photography career to date, I just gotta admit. And he loved me. Ahh, I'm not even kidding, this photo shoot made me giddy.

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