Sunday, May 31, 2015

Mark & Temina | Country Romance

It is difficult to find words to say what an amazing adventure this session was. I mean, even the bugs sparkled like glitter! Down an old country road, traipsing through an overgrown meadow, climbing through woods abundant in poison ivy, trying not to fall into the lake, trying not to capsize the canoe, flicking wood ticks. This engagement session was probably the most unique and fun. Mark & Temina found a location that best suited who they were as a couple, and allowed us to capture them as they are--In love, and outdoorsy.

Two beautiful people, the setting sun, a canoe, a gorgeous view. It is a perfect recipe for a perfect engagement session. Mark & Temina are an amazing couple. They get that romance isn't just candles and dinner outings and fancy excursions; but simply being together, having fun, doing the things they love most, taking interest in each other's interests. I'm so thrilled for their wedding this Fall. It's going to be beautiful.

Also, if you can kiss in a canoe without plunging into the deep, you clearly have the rhythm to sail through life ever after. How's that for a good relationship exercise?

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