Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Wayne Family | Home is Where the Heart is

When setting up sessions, I'm often asked what my favorite location is. Honestly, it's unique to each session and quite frankly, my favorite spot is your favorite spot. Home is awesome, that's why I was thrilled when Mary asked if I would be willing to do their photo shoot on their property. Heck yes!

Home is where your heart is, and when you're home you will display the biggest expression of your true selves. You will be more comfortable, your children will feel more secure, your husband will be able to break away and go drive the tractor or something when he's not needed. And ultimately, you will be more relaxed. The pressure is hugely relieved for everyone. And when you combine all those things, your photographer will be so much more capable of capturing the essence of your own very special uniqueness.

This is the awesome Wayne family, in their own lovely backyard with their ridiculously cute girlies. Loving life.

Tyler & Mary know a thing or two about hard work and hard play, love and laughter, sickness and health, fresh air and wide open spaces... and apparently a lot about growing darling daughters because seriously, this was almost too much. While working on the post production of these images I got distracted and started doodling baby girl names. Seriously, how can that be healthy for me?

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