Saturday, May 16, 2015

Of Sunshine, Gorgeous Creatures, And Our Favorite Uncle Zack

Big daddy had taken big brother fishing, so I had the day with just Colton. And since Mama is not as interesting as fishing or daddy or big brother, we went and hung out with this guy, the favorite Uncle  Zack.
Zack's such a great guy. To know him is to love him. To have him in your life is to have your life forever blessed. I'm so happy to be his sister, and my kids sure are lucky to have the best uncle ever!

 Sometimes you need days of just nothing but sunshine and beautiful creatures and special people. Don't forget to make time for that every once in awhile. 


  1. yay for this great post!!! Zack said "Thank you for taking pictures of me cuz I like that picture". :)

  2. You are a good photographer ;) Your picture are so amazing.


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