Friday, April 20, 2012

He Cleans His Own Messes Too!

One of the reasons I have been obnoxiously silent is because I have been in the middle of copious organizing projects. Every day I complete another project which makes my heart very, very happy and content. I might devote an entire post just in honor of all my sorted-out-and-put-together closets. But for now, a Jimmy moment...

"So Jimmy," I said to my 17-month old Jimmy after he had come to me for some quality Mom-time, "I heard you in the kitchen making a big mess with your drawer!"

 He has a drawer that contains all of his items for eating and drinking and then some, and he has been known for using it to make the kitchen a complete and utter uproar. For that reason I don't always allow him to play with it, but I needed to wrap my project up so knowing he was safely occupied I ignored the mess that was ensuing.

He just soberly acknowledged the fact as he snuggled up next to me.

"Did you put everything back?"

He thought for a minute and then grinned and clapped for himself.

I didn't believe him, but a few minutes later he took my hand as I walked into the kitchen. And there it was... Just as I left it, with the exception of one lid that he forgot, which he quickly ran over and returned to his drawer. He once again applauded for his himself, and you can bet I joined him this time!

He's such a cute little smartie pants... {insert great big proud happy smile}

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