Monday, April 2, 2012

Book-Page Plaque

Since moving this past Winter I have had a hard time getting myself back into the creative groove with the lack of a craft/work area and my creating tools and accessories still in inconvenient boxes. But finally, fiiii-naaaa-llyyyyy, I have started creating again and I'm excited. My goal is to make our boring duplex look like home and I started this past weekend with our bedroom. I still have more plans for creating in this space, but for now I will show you how I created our A & B plaque without spending a dime... (while taking care of two very small and busy children, planning supper, and forgetting to photograph as I went along)

I used materials I had on hand--
:: a frame I had purchased for a few dollars a couple years ago off of a clearance rack; it had matting to hold 3 4x6 photographs
:: an old book I salvaged from a burning pile
:: letter cut-outs to trace
:: a scrap of red fabric
:: a strip of white fabric
:: 4 thumb tacks
:: pencil, scissors, glue, double-sided tape

I used a sheet of scrap paper to sketch out my letters. It probably would have been easier to print out a bold A and B off of Microsoft Word and cut them out, but I didn't feel like messing with electronics with two little ones chasing after me so I free-handed it. After cutting them out I used the wrong side of the page to trace them, like this... 

I then folded several pages in half and made them into a stack of hearts (9 total). It would have been much easier if I had a stapler, but since I didn't I carefully swiped glue onto the crease of each heart and stuck them together to make a book.

After cutting fabric to size, I laid across the frame backing and covered it with the matting. With a little dab of glue to keep letters in place, I centered the A and B where I wanted them.

I then assembled the plaque--frame, matting, glass, fabric, backing. (I wanted the glass to keep the fabric flat, hence the matting on the outside.) With a piece of double-sided tape, I attached the heart book to the glass.

With the white strip of fabric, I tied a bow and put a few stitches in the knot to keep it in place. I attached it to the back of the frame with 4 thumb tacks. After hanging it above our bed, my little project was complete.

(pardon the messy pillows and crooked lamp shade--I did mention I was not done with this room, right?)

(this is how it fits into our family first thing in the bouncety-bounce morning)
An after thought I have is to put "est. 2008" on the matting. I also want to incorporate "A true love story never ends" somewhere in this room (perhaps a plaque on the night stand?) I would love your thoughts!

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