Thursday, April 19, 2012

Josh & Lori Wedding Photos

Why yes, I did kind of fall off the blog wagon there, didn't I. Here's me climbing back on, with some great wedding photos! These are from Josh & Lori's wedding reception. Gosh, what a perfect day it was! The weather was gorgeous, the lighting was phenomenal, the bride was beautiful, and oh my goodness! the setting was beyond photogenic... Couldn't make this photographer happier! Congratulations, to Josh and Lori on their marriage!

The bride getting ready

Her dress had so much detail. It was gorgeous!

Her hair and veil were perfect!

Check back on the facebook page (BrittneyHobeinPhotography) soon for even more photos!


  1. stunningly beautiful photographs! Thanks for the smile your post has given to my day!

  2. Wow! Gorgeous pics britt. :) What a beautiful bride too. :)


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