Sunday, March 18, 2012

Bam! And then it was Spring

When I started this blog I certainly intended to keep it a little bit more interesting than the silence you have been hearing all week... But the mental plans of blogging occurred during the detestable doldrums of Winter. Let me tell you, my house, my office work and my blog were in no way prepared for the beautiful, sunny and extremely early onset of Spring. It has been so gorgeous here...which makes the normal struggle of balancing home, family, and business even harder because suddenly there are hours of sunshine that it all has to revolve around and there is simply not enough hours in the day for all of that!

It was a no make-up, anti hair-fussing week, and I still managed to embrace the camera... even if I cheated through a window reflection. And now begins a fresh week with new resolutions of better balance in the priorities, chasing dreams and little boys in plaid overalls, and embracing the camera a little more.

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  1. We're waiting for Fall here, our summers are very hot (115 degrees being the hottest day) and no, we don't have central AC. I just can't wait for Fall weather. :)


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