Friday, March 23, 2012

Want to Dance?

Today I'm trying to set aside those pesky, mundane household chores and get my head in the game for a big day tomorrow. I like to get mentally geared up for photo shoots and events and I do that by reading all my favorite photography blogs and admiring as many stunning, inspiring images as possible. I ran across this article -- How to Photograph a Dancer -- and it makes me really want to go to my niece's ballet recital all the way over in Nebraska next month (insert the sad why-on-earth-are-there-so-many-miles-between-here-and-Nebraska sigh). I have never had a chance to try my hand at dance photography, and now I want to. The article in general has great tips to keep in mind while photographing any event... But now can somebody please give me a pair of ballet slippers with a graceful little girl inside of them!

(photo from a family shoot I did last Fall when big brother randomly decided to take baby sister's hands and start slow dancing with her.... So cute. I love kids.)

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