Saturday, March 24, 2012

Catching the Breeze

This is how I embraced the camera this week... It was an overcast and very windy day (you know it's windy when even Jimmy's hair is blowing!) and since the lighting was perfect I thought it would be fun to experiment with "catching the breeze". I love wind-blown photos, and it was fun to take some together with Jimmy.

Another way I embraced the camera this week is by taking a photo of my latest accessory. I wear this bracelet every day to remind me to pray for Braxton. If you follow me on facebook, you will know that Braxton is a 13 year-old Nebraska country boy (my sister's nephew) who was diagnosed this last winter with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. If you wish to follow this boy's story and journey towards healing, "like" the Pray for Braxton Nelson page on facebook. He's a tough cookie and he's kicking cancer's butt, but every day is a battle. I know him and his family appreciate every prayer prayed on his behalf.

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