Thursday, March 8, 2012

One Week Down!

So we're one week into this new blogging thing! I'm curious about what you're thinking. Who are my readers? What do they want to see more of? How am I doing thus far? You can tell me!

In other randomness, if you follow me on facebook, you will know that I had the hardest time choosing a "Beautiful Black & White" photo for the I Heart Faces Photo Challenge | Black & White {March 2012}. I managed to narrow my photo choices down to four, but there was no way I could decide between any of them. I was about ready to throw them in a hat and draw, but then I thought maybe, just maybe! my fans would be so kind as to assist in giving me their opinion. And they did!

It just so happened that this military-style one of Jimmy was the one that won the overall vote... by all of ONE vote. The following photos were the other three that I was torn between in the order of their popularity...

Which one would have you have voted for?

Photo Two:
:: :: ::
Photo Three:
:: :: ::

Photo Four:
:: :: ::

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