Monday, March 12, 2012


We are having unusually warm weather in our Northern neck of the woods. It has me so jacked for Spring! I even bought a little packet of zinnia seeds at the grocery store and can't wait to start some plants.

I took my little Jimmy out for a quick jog in the stroller yesterday and then allowed him to romp in as many mud  puddles as he could find, which happened to be quite a few thanks to the rather recent dumping of snow. He was so thrilled. He was being his ever adorable self and naturally I needed to get a picture, but my camera was inside (for shame!) and lazy me found it more convenient to whip out my handy phone.

I think this one is my favorite picture ever of the puppy-lovin', hat-wearing peanut butter ball. He's usually a smart alec and only shows his somber side to the camera, but this.... This is classic Jimmy. I only regret not having my full-quality camera for this one because I need to blow this up and frame it!

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