Thursday, March 1, 2012

Feels Like Home to Me

Welcome to my blog... Where my life, my passion, and a heck of a lot of my photos collide to express themselves in a slightly nonsensical format. I'm happy you're here... Just pardon all the construction, if you would; the dust should be settling soon. 

They say first impressions are lasting impressions. For a slightly shy person such as myself, the getting-to-know part also feels a little awkward. So here I sit with my third mug of coffee this morning attempting to organize my thoughts because I think you need a detailed, accurate picture of who I am, what my plans are, what my past is, and what this blog is going to be about. 

But then I thought, wait a minute! I'm here and that's the important part! 

So hello everyone! My name is Brittney and I am a girly-girl madly in love with my macho, guns-fishing-hunting avid husband. I am a stay-at-home-mom to the CUTEST little boy ever in the whole wide world. I am a photographer and it usually doesn't take a person long to figure out I loooove taking pictures and I have a mad crush on my camera.

It will most likely become apparent to you that I am also a homemaker and love to create things with my hands. I am interested in many things such as organizing, cooking, healthy lifestyle, fashion, DIY-anything, coffee--a lot of coffee...

And that's why photo:britt feels like home to me, because it is my photo blog and it is where I get to express my passions, interests, and endeavors in as randomly of a way as I choose. I will try to blog frequently, but will make no apology for the slow times. Just stick with me, give me your two-cents worth every now and then, and follow me as I live life on purpose.

Welcome to my adventure.


  1. I didn't even know you had a new blog -- sorry for not stopping by! I've missed catching up with you since I left FB! Hopefully, I'll be better about reading and commenting on here more now that I know where you are. :D

    1. Hey, Hey! That's quite alright. :) I was kind of in a slump at my previous location--well, locationSSS, with both a personal AND photography blog--and it didn't help that they were were based off of a google account that I had otherwise turned into a spam account, so posting was therefore slightly more inconvenient. It didn't help that I was missing emails and comments for that reason as well. That's why I thought I should combine all of them on my business account and I have found that it works much better and I enjoy posting again. ;)


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